Street parade in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most dynamic and modern Asian democracies and counts among the fastest economically developing states in Asia. The island has been a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) since 2002. From a geographical point of view Taiwan is a small island but economically the country which counts 23 million inhabitants is a true heavy weight.

Taiwan with its changeful history belongs to the Chinese cultural hearth. Chinese immigrants have influenced and characterized its culture and society. In recent times the Taiwanese have increasingly started to appreciate their cultural legacy and to remember the traditions of their native inhabitants.

Today the island is a melting pot of various cultural influences. But nevertheless or perhaps because of this, an own Taiwanese identity has arisen during the last decades due to political independence and democratisation.

Taiwan is considered a sovereign Chinese state which officially calls itself Republic of China and in past times was sometimes mentioned as National China.

There have been many cultural encounters between Oberhavel and Taiwan especially among children and teenagers.

Carnival Club Leegebruch from Oberhavel visited Taiwan.