Oberhavel - Between Metropolis and Natural Idyll

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Oberhavel emerged from the former districts of Gransee and Oranienburg in the course of the local government reorganisation of countys. Oranienburg with its 43,000 inhabitants is the county seat. Ever since its date of founding on December 6, 1993 the County of Oberhavel has found itself in a state of tension between metropolis and country idyll, between highly specialized technological and industrial site on the one hand and untouched nature on the other and between its historical inheritance and liveable homeland.

Living in the County "directly above" Berlin

Living in the County "directly above" the federal capital: The possibility of experiencing metropolis flair and rural traditions at the same time is what makes up the charme of Oberhavel. Family settlements characterize popular places of residence in the north of Berlin. Mainly young families move here because they find excellent educational institutions, live in their own little house with garden and at the same time enjoy all the advantages Berlin has to offer as it is located right on the doorstep.

As can be assumed by our namesake, the upper Havel, Oberhavel counts among the water-richest regions in Germany. The Havel with its canals and about 100 lakes provides a true El Dorado not only for water sports. The parallel running long-distance cycling route Berlin-Copenhagen invites cyclists to explore natural and touristic treasures. And be aware that a tour through Oberhavel is also always a journey through the history of Berlin and Brandenburg. Historic town centres, villages built around a village green, castles, parks and industrial monuments testify this.

Meseberg Castle - Guesthouse of the German Government










A stay in Oberhavel is mere recreation. You can enjoy our well-known hospitality everywhere. Be it sleeping-place on the hayloft or posh hotel - we are sure that each of our guests will find his or her convenient place to stay. Statesmen and stateswomen from all over the world regularly visit Oberhavel - Castle Meseberg located on the picturesque Lake Huwenow has been the guest house of the Federal Government since 2007.

Get to know the economic strengths of Oberhavel too: The industry has been playing a major role in the south of Oberhavel for about 100 years. Oranienburg, Hennigsdorf and Velten are places of business of renowned companies such as Bombardier Transportation, Riva Steel, Wall AG, Takeda Pharma GmbH and Orafol GmbH. At the same time they are attractive residential towns with a high quality of life.

Agriculture stands for another significant economic factor of the county. The farms cultivate nearly 40 percent of the district's surface and produce an average of approximately 90,000 tons of crop and 11,000 tons of rape per annum. These are used as fodder, flow into the food sector and are increasingly utilized for the production of energy.

The River Havel

Our region owes its name to the upper Havel. It flows through our county from north to south, like a blue line, with its canals and numerous lakes and characterizes the countenance of Fürstenberg, Zehdenick, Liebenwalde, Oranienburg and Hennigsdorf. Along its course you find the major companies of our county and when it leaves Oberhavel in the south it connects us with our big neighbour, the federal capital.

For Oberhavel the river Havel symbolizes recreation, soulfulness, geographical brace, economical factor and waterway all at the same time.