Economy in Oberhavel

Easily accessible connections, a good technical infrastructure as well as a wide range of interesting and adequate industrial real estate - these factors make Oberhavel one of the strongest economic countys in East Germany. We offer excessive space for companies and their ventures in direct vicinity of the capital city.

Quality of life is another aspect of our competitiveness. First-class offers in the fields of living, education, culture, leisure and recreation make the county a vibrant region.

Hence here is where you find best conditions for the settlement of your new business or the expansion of your existing one.


Some of the strongest industries of the county are:
  • Rail Traffic Engineering
  • Biotechnology and Life Science
  • Tourism
  • Synthetic Materials/Chemistry
  • Metal
  • Logistics
  • Automotive
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Globally operating corporations have their headquarters or subsidiaries in the south of the county, the regional growth core of Oranienburg-Hennigsdorf-Velten.

Among them are:

In the north of the district there are further significant corporations such as:

The company Trippen manufactures exclusive shoes


    Agriculture stands for a major economic factor in Oberhavel county. The farms cultivate nearly 40 percent of Oberhavel's surface. An average of approximately 90,000 tons of crop and 11,000 tons of rape are produced on these fields. They are used as fodder, flow into the food sector and are meanwhile increasingly utilized for the production of energy.

    The animal production focuses on cattle farming for the production of milk and meat. At present 38 farms are registered. Pig, sheep and poultry farming are also part of the production profile of the agricultural enterprises.

    Oberhavel county presents itself every year at the Green Week in Berlin, the world's largest fair for food, agriculture and horticulture.

    Commercial Zones

    Oberhavel is equipped with an efficient economic structure and the regional growth core Oranienburg-Hennigsdorf-Velten. In total more than 40 commercial zones are available and comercial property is offered by both local authorities and private proprietors.

    To find an overview of the commercial zones in the district of Oberhavel please click here.